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Rolleston Guitars

Cape Winelands, South Africa

With a global reputation for excellence, Delaire Graff is an essential South African destination set in acres of fragrant gardens, with exclusive boutiques, breathtaking art around every corner and sustainability at its heart.

Exceptional outcomes.

Billionaire jeweller Laurence Graff’s private wine estate looked to our PR software systems to enable their team to manage and orchestrate communiqués across all their partners and touchpoints.

Welcome to our private network.

Delaire Graff embodies the unique collaborations and introductions afforded within our network. In 2013 and 2018, two distinguished clients of András Lengyel — Csarite, an exquisite gemstone 10,000 times more rare than a diamond, and Manley Communications, Africa’s premier luxury relations consultancy — were independently selected as suppliers to Graff.

No boundaries, just connections.

A new project together means a new opportunity to connect, collaborate, and celebrate our clients. It provides you unique access to longstanding relationships among our client network — spanning 26 years of industry work. Together we help you open new doors to entirely new possibilities.

'I always believed, right from the beginning,
if you’re going to do something, do it the best.'

Laurence Graff OBE

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Traditional Values
Joseph Focil


Investment Management
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Our Approach

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Traditional Values
Joseph Focil


Investment Management
Financial Planning
Risk Management


Bespoke and individual.

We think a website should be tailored, not templated. For us, design goes further than what something looks like. It’s not just about styling — it’s about how it works.

Our tailored packages combine fully bespoke design with experienced maintenance, and a personal service.

Your quotation.

Site Concept, Design, Development and Testing


50% to commence build

The diagram outlined above does not represent a final build. We don’t want to limit you to your first idea about how something should look, or how it might work. The proposed sections may well be organised differently and renamed, based closely on the decisions we make together — and in order to develop the very best possible product.

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100% Encrypted & Secure

It’s important to ensure your website is encrypted, giving your customers both trust and peace of mind. That’s why we include an SSL Certificate free of charge for the first 3 months from launch. If you’d like to continue being secure we charge a nominal fee of $180 for each 6-month period to purchase, install and configure certifications.

Maintenance Plan


Per calendar month

Technology moves quickly and content management systems release frequent software updates to include security patches and new functionality. It is important to keep your website CMS and plugins up to date to minimise the risk of your website being compromised due to outdated software. We provide the following on-going support:


A considered approach. Three key areas of WordPress sites — the core system, its themes and plugins — continuously release new versions of their software on a month-to-month schedule.

Our Maintenance Plan not only takes care of your website’s hosting, backup and security — but also in ensuring your WordPress framework is constantly kept up-to-date — critical in ensuring your site remains compatible with the latest smartphones, tablets and web browsers as they evolve.

We Google-optimise your content.

We build all our websites to be search engine friendly and give you the ability to keep your content optimised as you continue to grow. You will have full access to page titles, content, urls and metadata if required.

No long-term contracts, no lock in.

By using open source software you are free to change developers or hosting suppliers if you wish. We would hate to see you leave, but if you did want to move your website for any reason — you’re free to do so.

A tailored narrative.

Our clients are highly differentiated from their peers. It is our responsibility to showcase their heritage — their restraint — through finished works which tell a story, engage the customer and highlight the culture within their business.

We are specialists in the nuance of brand atmosphere and customer experience.

An exceptional client.

We developed some of the most complex software imagined — an inventory system for the most naturally precious gemstone in the world.

Breathtaking provenance.

Undiscovered for more than 100 million years, Csarite can only be found 3,000 feet high in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey — the only such mine in existence.

Flawless execution.

Our cloud-based software handles a complete logistics roadmap: from where the gemstone is mined at an undisclosed location in the interior of Turkey, to where it is cut in Mumbai, faceted in Toronto, and finally stored in security warehouses between New York, Dubai, and Istanbul.

10,000 times more rare than a diamond.

Now in our 12th year working closely with the client, our company is contracted to provide 24/7 support every day of the year, working across multiple timezones to achieve the conglomorate’s desired performance outputs.

The system provides full stock management, ledger control, logistics management, invoicing, courier tracking integration as well as many other proprietary functions under non-disclosure.

A small, close-knit team.

In a mass-produced world, we stand apart in providing a personal service with care, courtesy and an eye for the smallest detail — giving clients confidence and their company reverence.

We have a proud reputation for honesty, integrity, knowledge and the ability to achieve the best for our clients.

There are few environments where excellence is expected. From small, family-run businesses to royal warrant holders, we consign great care to each individual project and share this commitment with every client.

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