When something is designed to work beautifully, it tends to look that way, too.

Nothing we’ve ever created has been designed just to look beautiful. That’s approaching the opportunity from the wrong end. Instead, as we consider a project, our purpose is to create an experience that is simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable — while building on the meticulous detailing our clients love about our work. Ultimately, redesigning the way something works leads us to redesign the way it looks. Because good design is design that’s in service of the experience.

LOCATION: Istanbul, Turkey
10,000 times more rare than a diamond.

Simplicity is actually quite complicated.

Simplicity is often equated with minimalism. Yet true simplicity is so much more than just the absence of clutter or the removal of decoration. It’s about offering up the right things, in the right place, right when you need them. It’s about bringing order to complexity. And it’s about making something that always seems to “just work.” When you pick something up for the first time and already know how to do the things you want to do, that’s simplicity.

LOCATION: Paris, France
A privately commissioned objet d’art.

A pure representation of a timeless design.

With each commission we begin by creating a new structure for your content, applied across the development process, that brings clarity to the entire experience. The interface is purposely unobtrusive. Conspicuous ornamentation has been stripped away. Unnecessary bars and buttons have been removed. And in taking away design elements that don’t add value, suddenly there’s greater focus on what matters most: your content.

CLIENT: Manley Communications
LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa
Representing Africa’s finest luxury brands.

You know good design when you use it.

We value utility above all else. We don’t add design or features simply because we can, because it’s technologically possible. We add details only when they’re truly useful. And we add them in a way that makes sense. It's only through such an unforgiving pursuit of simplicity that we achieve a sense of uncompromised excellence through our work.

CLIENT: Confidential
LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland
ACQUIRED: Confidential
Reject the unexceptional.

Everything has been thought through. And through.

At András Lengyel, every detail warrants the same rigour toward design. Like refining the typography down to the pixel. Redrawing every icon needed around a new grid system. Or sticking to a precise colour palette. On their own, these may not be details you consciously demand or even expect. But they all work together to create a more harmonious relationship between individual elements. And a better, more delightful experience overall.

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