A coveted portfolio.

A small, close-knit team.

In a mass-produced world, we stand apart in providing a personal service with care, courtesy and an eye for the smallest detail — giving clients confidence and their company reverence.

We have a proud reputation for honesty, integrity, knowledge and the ability to achieve the best for our clients.

Restricted production.

In order to build the best possible product we can for our clients, time is a fundamental asset to our work. Every requirement needs individual tailoring, and each project is one-of-a-kind.

This strategic approach enables us to build long-term relationships with customers, taking on only a select few projects each year.


Celebrating 23 years.

András Lengyel is originally established in Cape Town, South Africa as a niche design consultancy to select private clients.


Innovation to the wine industry.

The firm wins an exclusive contract with the world’s tenth largest wine marketer to represent Africa’s finest wine brands.


A luxury métier.

An extensive specialist portfolio secured, having serviced more than 50 private clients throughout Africa.


United Kingdom office founded.

András Lengyel is established in Great Britain as demand increases internationally.


Mission-critical deployment.

Development of a bespoke Inventory System for the world’s most naturally precious gemstone, at 10,000 times more rare than a diamond.


A search for excellence.

András Lengyel continues to provide digital brand strategy to the world’s finest luxury brands.



We are the opposite of mass production. View our industry-leading portfolio, discover why we believe in delivering quality work, and learn why we think average is just not good enough.