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András Lengyel

We were called by Bentley.

To reimagine their digital touchpoints.

Defining the experience and visual detail.

András Lengyel is a creative production house with a passion for storytelling. We launch new brands and give new energy to established ones.

From small, family-run businesses to royal warrant holders, discover how our work is recognised for its excellence in design, quality craftsmanship and fine attention to detail.


Our exceptional process attracts exceptional clients.

Cape Town, South Africa. Manley Communications. Acquired: 2004.
Cape Town, South Africa
Manley Communications
Acquired: 2004
Cape Town, South Africa. Manley Communications. Acquired: 2004.


Our exceptional process attracts exceptional clients.

Cape Town, South Africa
Manley Communications
Acquired: 2006

KNEKTD looked to our celebrated team to design and curate all aspects of their public image.


Technology-led advisory firm specialising in the design of home automation systems to the world’s finest private residences in Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge.

Acquired — 2021

A pioneer in discreet, custom mechanisms, KNEKTD make technology both invisible and effortless.

Born bespoke. Controlled via touchscreen, as a vast marble floor area begins to lower, heated water fills the space. Within 8 minutes a swimming pool appears.

Reveal Investigations

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, specialist investigations firm Reveal employs more than 100 private investigators positioned throughout the United States. Discretion has earned them business from Fortune 500 companies to the most demanding law firms in the country.

Beverly Hills
Acquired — 2012

Uwe Koetter

The most awarded goldsmith in Africa. Highly celebrated, their clients are diverse and include the late HM Queen Elizabeth II and Nelson Mandela.

Cape Town
Acquired — 2011

Gray & Farrar

A matchmaking service to billionaire families, headquartered in Mayfair with offices located in Paris, Monaco, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and New York.

Acquired — 2014

A serene location. So remote, it is only accessible by air.

A serene location.
So remote, it is only accessible by air.

Supporting more than 2,000 head of indigenous and exotic game.


Luxury leisure experiences, spanning over 38,000 acres. With roots tracing back to the colonial 1800’s and it being home to the world famous heart surgeon, the late Professor Chris Barnard, Ratelfontein revels in its great scope and history.

31°32’28” S
23°41’34” E
Acquired — 2004

Wherever your position globally, we are routinely on-location.

A truly personal service. Travelling to where our clients operate affords us the insights needed to deeply understand their business, the complex problems we must resolve and, ultimately, allows us to output both creative and technical solutions that are as exceptional as their vision. These traits are non-negotiable and are ingrained in our approach. Working closely together, we overhaul, reposition and completely redefine your market presence — both in digital and print.


Visual Brand Strategy, Concept, Naming, Wordmark & Logos, Design Direction, Identity Design, Packaging, Print / OOH, Brand Narrative, Brand Content Planning

Content Creation

Image Making, Art Direction, 3D Motion, 3D Stills, Photography, Storyboards, Key Frame Visualisations, Social Media Management

Design Systems

Design Guidelines, Brand Guidelines, Iconography, Component + Pattern Libraries, Design Principles


Cloud Applications, Software Systems Development, UX & UI Design, Full-stack Web & Mobile Development


User Research, Ethnographic Observations, Experience Mapping, Psychographic Persona Development, Storyframing


Heuristic Evaluation, UI/UX Design, Branding + Visual Design, Rapid Prototyping, Motion + Animation, Concept Design, Usability Testing + Analytics

Stellenbosch, South Africa. Cape Legends. Acquired: 2005.
Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Cape Legends. Acquired: 2005.

Raison d'être

We start where others stop. Digital craftsmanship redefines your brand into an entirely new point of reference. Leveraging it within your business is the key to unlocking exponential growth.

Discover our Provenance